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        Made By Humans Deflated Balloon White Bowl

        We all need fruit bowls. Women need fruit bowls for fruit. Men need fruit bowls for car keys and loose change. Families need fruit bowls for all of the above… plus...

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        Made By Humans Pop Can Watch by Alchemist Creations

        Now you can finally tell the time wearing an eco-friendly watch that’s perfectly aligned with your green lifestyle. Designed by Alchemist Creations and winner of the RedDot Design Award for “Best...

        Made By Humans Decorative Balloon Animal Giraffe Money Piggy Bank

        Elegant, noble, and beautiful, giraffes have always been your favorite animal. In fact, you’d spent hours twisting balloons as a teen just to make your kid sister’s birthday special. And balloon giraffes...

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        Made By Humans Recycled Paper Coasters (Set of 6) Eco-friendly

        Handcrafted coasters and holder made entirely from recycled paper. To create these eco-friendly coasters, the first step is to use paper from recycled, glossy magazines, cut it into thin, long paper strips,...

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        Made By Humans Recycled Paper Honeycomb Bowl on Bamboo

        Would you believe a Recycled Paper Bowl? Believe it! Eco-friendly and handmade, this "fruit bowl" is awesome. How is it made? First, paper is cut into long, thin strips. The strips...

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